Complete List of Pop Music Genres

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Complete List of Pop Music Genre, Sub Genre and Pop Artists
Pop Music Genre

Get to know more about the Pop Music Genre, Styles, History, Sub Genres, and Top Pop Artists by reading through this article.

This article shows the complete list of pop music genres (also known as popular music styles) all over the world. We also go deeper into the history and origins of the pop genre, sub-genres, as well as its popularity in terms of a country's adoption, and popular artists.


Pop music has often been categorized by its popularity among the music genres since the mid-1950s. It is said to have borrowed its flavor from other music types such as Funk, Rock, Latin, Urban, Country, etc.

What is the pop genre?

The term "pop" in the Pop Music Genre is derived from the word "popular", which simply means that it's one of the most popular music genres in the history of music. On a more general note, pop music is basically any music made solely for commercial purposes, because they're made primarily to appeal to a broader audience.

For instance, when you analyze most of the music with the highest views on Youtube and other streaming platforms, you'll realize it's being dominated by pop music. Top music artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, and many others are known to be pop musicians.

Origins of the Pop Genre

Now that we've gotten a clear picture of what pop music is all about, it's time to briefly go into the history of pop music. In this section, we'll discuss where the pop genre originated from, how it's being adopted worldwide, and the future of the pop music genre.

Pop music began to be widely accepted as a mainstream genre in the 1950s. At this time, rock and roll had become incredibly popular across the globe, but it was soon realized that there was a whole new genre of music that could be enjoyed by a much wider audience.

Pop music was initially created to be accessible to a wider audience and to be entertaining, which is why many of the most popular songs from this time period are easy to listen to. Pop music has since evolved, and there are now a variety of sub-genres that can be found in the pop genre.

Where did the pop genre originate?

Pop music has its roots in many different sources, but one of its earliest antecedents is old-time music. Pop emerged from the old-time wedding and dance music tradition, which relied on acoustic instruments such as guitars, fiddles, and banjos. As early as the early 1900s, popular singers and instrumentalists such as Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, and the Whiteway Sisters were adapting traditional old-time tunes to new arrangements and sound effects.

During the 1960s, pop music underwent a series of significant changes. New instruments, such as the transistor radio, solid-state amplification, and paisley textures, contributed to a brighter, funkier sound.

The Beatles, who burst onto the music scene in the early 1960s, helped to define the sound of pop music. Throughout their career, The Beatles experimented with a variety of musical styles, including rock, pop, and psychedelia.

Many popular artists, such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and Meghan Trainor, focus on catchy hooks and upbeat melodies. Critics have praised these artists for their ability to tap into the zeitgeist and create buzz-worthy music without relying on traditional songwriting genres.

Despite its divisiveness, pop music continues to be a powerful medium for storytelling and communication. It has inspired artists and listeners alike, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Pop Sub Genre (A to Z)

In recent years, pop music has undergone a revival and has become the most popular and most widely accepted music genre of all time. On top of that, it has given birth to other sub genre across the world.

The Pop Music sub genre are listed below in alphabetical order and are separated by each alphabet for easy navigation and reader friendly purposes.

1 to 10



Acoustic Chill, Acoustic Opm, Acoustic Pop, Adoracao, Afghan Pop, Aghani Lil-Atfal, Ai, Albanian Pop, Alt-Idol, Amharic Pop, Anime Score, Anime, Antiviral Pop, Arab Groove, Arab Pop, Arabesk, Armenian Pop, Art Pop, Assyrian Pop, Australian Alternative Pop, Australian Ska, Australian Talent Show, Austrian Pop, Austropop, Azeri Pop, Azeri Rap,


Baglama, Barbadian Pop, Barnalog, Barnasogur, Barnmusik, Bayerischer Rap, Bedroom Pop, Belarusian Pop, Belgian Dance, Belgian Pop, Belly Dance, Birthday, Bisaya Indie, Bisaya Rap, Bmore, Bohol Indie, Boy Pop, Bozlak, Brega Funk, Bubblegum Dance, Bubblegum Pop, Bulgarian Pop, Burmese Pop,


C-Pop, Canadian Ccm, Canadian Pop Punk, Canadian Pop, Candy Pop, Cantaditas, Cantopop, Carnaval Limburg, Carnaval, Cerkes Muzikleri, Chaabi Marocain, Channel Pop, Chechen Pop, Chill Pop, Chinese Audiophile, Chinese Drama Ost, Chinese Electronic, Chinese Electropop, Chinese Idol Pop, Chinese Indie, Chinese Instrumental, Chinese Jazz, Chinese Manyao, Chinese Minyao, Chinese New Year, Chinese Opera, Chinese Soundtrack, Chinese Viral Pop, Chinese Worship, Christelijk, Christian Music, Christian Pop, Classic Arab Pop, Classic Belgian Pop, Classic Bulgarian Pop, Classic Cantopop, Classic Dutch Pop, Classic Eurovision, Classic Hungarian Pop, Classic Iskelma, Classic Italian Pop, Classic Korean Pop, Classic Malaysian Pop, Classic Mandopop, Classic Moroccan Pop, Classic Nepali Pop, Classic Norwegian Pop, Classic Nz Pop, Classic Polish Pop, Classic Portuguese Pop, Classic Schlager, Classic Swedish Pop, Classic Turkish Pop, Classic Uk Pop, Classify, Cleveland Indie, Cocuk Sarkilari, Cook Islands Pop, Coptic Hymn, Coventry Indie, Croatian Pop,


Dabke, Dakke Dak, Dance Pop, Danish Indie Pop, Danish Pop, Dansband, Darbuka, Deconstructed Club, Deep Ccm, Deep Discofox, Deep Italo Disco, Deep Pop Emo, Deep Turkish Pop, Denpa-Kei, Disco Polo, Disney Italiano, Disney Svenska, Dombra, Dominican Pop, Draaiorgel, Dutch Cabaret, Dutch Disney, Dutch Drill, Dutch Idol Pop, Dutch Musical, Dutch Pop, Dutch Rap Pop, Dweilorkest,


Egyptian Alternative, Egyptian Pop, Electra, Electropop, Electropowerpop, Emo Rap Italiano, Er Ge, Erhu, Escape Room, Estonian Indie, Estonian Pop, Etherpop, Eurobeat, Eurodance, Europop, Eurovision, Experimental Club, Experimental Pop,


Fake, Fan Chant, Faroese Pop, Finnish Idol Pop, Finnish Pop, Finnish Worship, Fluxwork, Fo Jing, French Folk Pop, French Indie Pop, Funk Bh, Funk Evangelico, Funk Pop,


Gauze Pop, German Alternative Rap, German Indie Pop, German Pop Rock, German Show Tunes, German Singer-Songwriter, German Underground Rap, Glee Club, Glitch Pop, Glitchcore, Grave Wave, Grimewave, Guqin, Guzheng,


Hakkapop, Hands Up, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Hardvapour, Heavy Alternative, Hip House, Hip Pop, Hmong Pop, Hokkien Pop, Hong Kong Indie, Hopebeat, Hyperpop,


Idol Rock, Idol, Indie Cafe Pop, Indie Electropop, Indie Nica, Indie Pop, Indie Poptimism, Indonesian City Pop, Indonesian Idol Pop, Irish Pop, Iskelma, Islamic Recitation, Israeli Pop, Italian Disco, Italian Indie Pop, Italian Pop Punk, Italian Pop Rock, Italo Beats, Italo Dance,


J-Acoustic, J-Dance, J-Division, J-Idol, J-Indie, J-Pixie, J-Pop Boy Group, J-Pop Girl Group, J-Pop, J-Poprock, J-Punk, J-Rap, J-Reggae, J-Rock, Jacksonville Indie, Japanese Alternative Rock, Japanese Celtic, Japanese City Pop, Japanese Disney, Japanese Dream Pop, Japanese Electropop, Japanese Emo, Japanese Girl Punk, Japanese Indie Pop, Japanese Indie Rock, Japanese Melodic Punk, Japanese New Wave, Japanese Pop Punk, Japanese Post-Hardcore, Japanese Post-Punk, Japanese Punk Rock, Japanese Rockabilly, Japanese Shoegaze, Japanese Singer-Songwriter, Japanese Ska, Japanese Soul, Japanese Trap, Jersey Club, Jordanian Pop, Junior Songfestival,


K-Indie, K-Pop Boy Group, K-Pop Girl Group, K-Pop, K-Rap, K-Rock, Kabyle, Kansas Indie, Karadeniz Halk Muzigi, Karaoke, Kavkaz, Kayokyoku, Kazakh Pop, Keroncong, Khaleeji Iraqi, Khaliji, Kleinkunst, Kodomo No Ongaku, Korean City Pop, Korean Dream Pop, Korean Electropop, Korean Indie Rock, Korean Mask Singer, Korean Ost, Korean Pop, Korean Punk, Korean Superband, Kosovan Pop, Kurdish Pop,


La Indie, La Pop, Latin Pop, Latvian Indie, Latvian Pop, Lds Youth, Lebanese Pop, Levenslied, Lezginka, Libyan Pop, Limerick Indie, Lithuanian Pop, Lustrum,


Macedonian Pop, Maghreb, Mahraganat, Mainland Chinese Pop, Malaysian Indie, Malaysian Mandopop, Melodipop, Metropopolis, Mexican Pop, Milan Indie, Minecraft, Mizrahi, Modern Enka, Modern Indie Pop, Moldovan Pop, Mollywood, Mongolian Pop, Montenegrin Pop, Montreal Indie, Moroccan Pop, Multidisciplinary, Musical Advocacy, Musique Mariage Algerien, Muziek Voor Kinderen,


Nasyid, Nederlandse Hardstyle, Nederpop, Neo Mellow, Neo-Singer-Songwriter, Neomelodici, Neon Pop Punk, New Beat, New Romantic, New Wave Pop, Newcastle Nsw Indie, Nightcore, Nohay, Norwegian Pop Rap, Norwegian Pop, Nova Musica Maranhense, Nyc Pop, Nz Pop,


Okinawan Pop, Opm, Orebro Indie, Orlando Indie, Oromo Pop, Oslo Indie, Otacore, Oyun Havasi,


Persian Pop, Piano Rock, Pinoy Alternative Rap, Pinoy Idol Pop, Pinoy Indie, Pinoy Pop Punk, Pinoy Reggae, Pinoy Rock, Pinoy Singer-Songwriter, Pinoy Trap, Pipa, Pittsburgh Rock, Polish Alternative Rock, Polish Indie Rock, Polish Pop, Pony, Pop Dance, Pop Edm, Pop Lgbtq+ Brasileira, Pop R&B, Pop Rap, Pop Rock Brasileiro, Pop Rock, Pop Teen Brasileiro, Pop, Popwave, Post-Teen Pop,




Rai, Rakugo, Rap Capixaba, Rap Cearense, Rap Criolo, Rap Feminino Nacional, Rap Maroc, Rap Marseille, Rap Napoletano, Rap Paranaense, Rap Pernambucano, Rap Potiguar, Rap Sergipano, Rave Funk, Reggae Rock, Remix Product, Rif, Rochester Mn Indie, Romanian Pop, Russian Ccm, Russian Dance Pop, Russian Grime, Ruta Destroy, Ryukyu Ongaku,


Samoan Pop, San Diego Indie, Santa Fe Indie, Schlager, Shaabi, Shamisen, Shantykoren, Sheilat, Shibuya-Kei, Shimmer Pop, Shimmer Psych, Singaporean Indie, Singaporean Mandopop, Singaporean Pop, Singaporean Punk, Singaporean Singer-Songwriter, Sinogaze, Slovak Pop, Slovenian Pop, Socal Indie, Socal Pop Punk, Social Media Pop, Soft Rock, Sophisti-Pop, South Dakota Indie, Stockholm Indie, Stomp And Whittle, Streektaal, Strut, Surinamese Pop, Svensk Indie, Swedish Eurodance, Swedish Folk Pop, Swedish Idol Pop, Swedish Soul, Swiss Pop, Synthwave, Syrian Pop,


Tagalog Rap, Taiko, Taiwan Campus Folk, Taiwan Indie, Taiwan Instrumental, Taiwan Pop, Taiwan Singer-Songwriter, Taiwanese Indie, Taiwanese Indigenous, Taiwanese Pop, Tajik Pop, Talent Show, Tamil Pop, Tampa Indie, Taraneem, Techno Kayo, Teen Pop, Tempe Indie, Thai Idol, Thai Pop, Tibetan Pop, Transpop, Trip Hop, Trot, Tunisian Pop, Turin Indie, Turkish Alt Pop, Turkish Alternative, Turkish Modern Jazz, Turkish Pop, Turkish Psych, Turkish Punk, Turkish Reggae, Turkish Singer-Songwriter, Turkish Soundtrack, Turkish Trap Pop,


Uk Drill, Uk Worship, Ukrainian Pop, Ulkucu Sarkilar, Uzbek Pop,


Vapor Soul, Vaporwave, Variete Francaise, Vienna Indie, Vintage Chinese Pop, Vintage Dutch Pop, Viral Pop Brasileiro, Viral Pop, Virgin Islands Reggae, Vispop, Visual Kei, Vlaamse Cabaret, Vlaamse Kinderliedje, Vocaloid, Vogue,


Witch House, Worship,


Yemeni Pop,


Zhongguo Feng, Zillertal.

100 Most Followed Pop Musicians on Spotify

The table below shows the 100 most followed pop musicians on Spotify in 2022. This list was compiled in August 2022. So there’s a probability that it may not reflect the actual figure at the present time. However, I'll keep updating it when possible.

Artists Followers
Ed Sheeran 98,850,446
Ariana Grande 80,690,592
Billie Eilish 64,430,484
Justin Bieber 62,256,728
Taylor Swift 54,638,564
Rihanna 49,068,779
The Weeknd 46,106,978
Bruno Mars 41,298,593
Adele 39,367,531
Shawn Mendes 38,228,323
Maroon 5 36,809,869
Coldplay 36,488,303
Selena Gomez 35,762,419
Dua Lipa 34,630,216
Marshmello 33,807,249
Beyoncé 31,563,203
Camila Cabello 27,100,945
One Direction 26,374,462
Nicki Minaj 25,375,476
David Guetta 24,404,865
Shakira 23,915,675
Sia 23,636,464
Michael Jackson 23,162,747
Calvin Harris 22,810,992
Demi Lovato 22,643,473
Lady Gaga 22,436,383
Avicii 21,837,357
Katy Perry 21,693,786
Harry Styles 21,583,542
ZAYN 20,433,565
Cardi B 20,275,679
Doja Cat 19,808,138
Sam Smith 19,677,664
The Chainsmokers 19,194,883
Miley Cyrus 18,492,530
Halsey 17,989,313
Olivia Rodrigo 17,971,848
Lana Del Rey 16,721,165
Charlie Puth 16,469,024
Chris Brown 16,117,645
Martin Garrix 15,571,995
Khalid 15,340,172
Melanie Martinez 14,226,458
OneRepublic 13,830,557
P!nk 13,275,144
Justin Timberlake 12,227,650
Jennifer Lopez 11,976,903
Meghan Trainor 11,447,042
Jason Derulo 11,267,187
Lil Nas X 11,240,147
Britney Spears 11,025,308
Ellie Goulding 10,924,185
Enrique Iglesias 10,796,844
Little Mix 10,444,122
Alessia Cara 10,416,462
Zara Larsson 10,156,370
James Arthur 9,911,472
Alicia Keys 9,776,841
Usher 9,760,143
Big Sean 9,745,465
Anne-Marie 9,648,978
Lewis Capaldi 9,638,736
Lorde 9,625,271
Frank Ocean 9,586,505
Pitbull 9,380,761
The Neighbourhood 9,340,454
Kelly Clarkson 8,876,045
Avril Lavigne 8,855,498
5 Seconds of Summer 8,619,794
Niall Horan 8,615,180
Flo Rida 8,578,977
Whitney Houston 8,085,636
Kygo 8,062,910
SZA 7,955,043
Mariah Carey 7,915,056
DJ Snake 7,882,182
DJ Khaled 7,765,480
Rita Ora 7,490,588
Bebe Rexha 7,347,727
The Script 7,333,194
Kesha 7,300,256
Ne-Yo 7,199,106
Christina Aguilera 7,003,815
Rae Sremmurd 6,899,487
Troye Sivan 6,881,018
Black Eyed Peas 6,752,540
Megan Thee Stallion 6,719,344
Jason Mraz 6,691,856
Tyga 6,606,522
Tiësto 6,419,952
Jonas Brothers 6,318,154
Major Lazer 6,291,544
Madonna 6,198,076
John Legend 6,193,871
Florence + The Machine 5,968,328
Kehlani 5,917,882
Conan Gray 5,819,882
Zedd 5,767,518
Jeremih 5,753,079


In this article, we discussed one of the world's most popular music genres, "Pop Music". We also went deeper into the history of pop music and where it originated from. In the end, I also listed the subgenre of pop music as well as the list of 100 most followed pop artists on Spotify.

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