For the past few days, I've seen loads of takes bashing Peter Obi for saying his son doesn't own a car and how he has refused to get him one.

Sometimes when we hear or read about things, it's best we take a pause and think it through. Peter Obi first said this in 2019 while he was the running mate to Atiku. Now he's said it again in 2022 but if you look at the context, you'll understand him.

Before I go into the context let me give a brief history on Peter Obi's son.

Firstly, PO has tried so well to keep his family out of the limelight so very little is known about his Children. PO said about two days ago that his son is going to be 29 or 30 soon.

Now, it's worthy to note that PO's son, Oseloka Obi went to Bristol University. The tuition fee is about £15k(about #9m) per year. Oseloka Obi is a Hollywood actor best known for his roles in 'His Assistance and Avenue 5'. He's also one of the founders of TBA in Bristol, Business developer in Kobini, London and also Assistant Production Manager at AFRIFF, Lagos.

Given his background it's clear that him not having a car is not a lack of success or a case of a stingy father.

Back to the context, Peter Obi said what he said to buttress the point that things shouldn't be handed down for free because they are available. He was saying because I was a governor, because I was successful doesn't mean my son won't work for his own success. He was simply saying, whether you're my son or a bricklayer's son in Diobu, we all have equal chance of success under my government if we work hard.

Author: David Ovi

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