How to Block GTBank ATM Card (Stolen or Missing).

Have You Misplaced Your GTBank ATM Card or Got Stolen? Learn How You Can Block GTBank ATM Card (Stolen or Missing).


How to Block GTBank ATM Card (Stolen or Missing).

Have you misplaced your GTBank credit or debit card (ATM card)? Here’s how to stop your GTBank ATM card from working if it’s been stolen, hacked, or lost.

This article explains what to do if your GTBank credit or debit card (commonly referred to as an “ATM Card”) is lost or stolen. If your GTBank ATM card is stolen or lost, I’ll show you how to disable it.

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If your ATM card is missing, damaged, or stolen, you must follow specific procedures immediately before applying for a replacement. Because of these precautions, unauthorized people should not be able to use your card.

ATM card transactions have increased over the years, it has now become a reliable way to move money around without actually carrying physical cash.

It can be used to carry out different banking transactions to avoid unnecessary queuing up in banking halls. Some of these transactions include withdrawing money, transferring money, online shopping, pay for goods and services through POS, and many more to mention.

There’s no denying the benefits ATM cards have brought to the table, however, there are times when this can totally make one miserable.

When your ATM card is missing or stolen, it’s critical to learn how to quickly and easily block your GTBank ATM card before it gets in the hands of thieves.

Ways to Block GTBank ATM Cards:

There are 4 ways to block your GTBank ATM card to avoid theft, they include:

Here’s How to Block GTBank ATM Card in Nigeria.

Method 1: Block Card via USSD Code.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to block your GTBank card is through the mobile USSD code. To get started;

  • Simply dial *737*51*10# on any mobile device, then proceed to enter your phone number (make sure it’s the phone number that is associated with your GTBank account), then enter your PIN to confirm blockage.

Method 2: Block Card via App/Internet Banking.

GTBank allows you to block ATM cards directly by;

  • Login to your GTBank app or internet banking » click on cards » then select ‘hotlist’ » select card » insert number, expiry etc, and reason to block card » after submitting, wait for your card to be blocked.

Method 3: Block Card via SMS.

  • You can hotlist your card when compromised, missing or stolen. Simple SMS “HOTLIST (NUBAN)” to 08076665555. Replace NUBAN with your 10 digit account number.

Method 4: Block Card by Contacting GTBank.

One of the quickest methods to disable your GTBank ATM card is to contact the bank using their social media channels or phone number, rather than visiting your bank location.

Here are the GTBank contact details to apply for blockage of a lost ATM card if you misplaced or lost your GTB ATM card (Verve, Visa, or Master card). Below are GTBank social media profiles, phone numbers, email addresses, and a website, among other things.

GTBank Contact Details:

Telephone numbers
  • +2348039003900
  • +2348029002900


So, that concludes our article on how to easily block your GTBank ATM card. There are other methods for immediately blocking your card, but the USSD code technique will always be my preferred option. This is because you may disable your card fast and easily by dialing the code on anyone’s phone.

I hope this guide has helped you understand how to block your GTBank credit or debit card. Have a good time, and cheers!