Best Mother’s Day Perfumes 2022

Give your mother the best! Here are some unique scents that will be the perfect Mother's Day gift. In this list, we have selected different fragrances to attract different types of women so that you can decide which fragrance is best for your mother.

Here are the best Mother's Day scents for every class of moms:

1. For a hopeless romantic mother: Molinard Muguet
Molinard Muguet perfume by Molinard

Your mom still holds Dad's hands and has hope forever. In Victorian times, secret messages of love were passed on by donating flowers. By sending a branch of lily to your beloved in the valley, you declare that "you have made my life perfect." Molinard's Muguet awakens a lily of the valley that is known to bloom in May (and its special day.) Give her the Muguet of the famous French perfume Molinard for the perfume she has always loved.


2. For a refined mother: She is Reviens
Your Reviens perfume is worth it

For a woman who is elegant, chic and loves art, quality wine and classical music, Je Reviens is the perfect luxury fragrance for your exuberant mother. Worth's Reviens, created in 1932, offers fruit tones of lemon, orange blossom and jasmine. Recommended related fragrances: White Shoulders, Oscar, Dolce Gabbana Dolce Gabbana

3. For Trendy Mom: Rihanna Rogue
Rihanna Rogue Perfume is Rihanna

For a mother who is still in the latest fashion, Rihanna Rogue is the perfect Mother's Day fragrance. It offers fresh juicy plums, beautiful jasmine and sexy tones of sandalwood will appeal to a mother who needs something new and is worth mentioning.

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4. For the Hippy Mom: Allysa Ashley White Musk
Alyssa Ashley White Musk Perfume by Alyssa Ashley

Your Mother named you after a song she heard at Woodstock. She still wears flowers in her hair and Birkenstocks. Time to update her style! Using two groovy 60s notes, musk and patchouli, she is sure to love Houbigant’s Allysa Ashley White Musk softened with white florals and fresh green leaves.

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5. For the mother who did it all: Narcisco Rodriguez for him
Narciso Rodriguez perfume by Narciso Rodriguez

Pro Wonder Woman: How does he do it? Full-time work, quality time with children and delicious food prepared with love. Her costume is a business suit during the week and jeans at the weekend. Show her that you respect your mothers for everything she did for him with Narcisco Rodriguez, a musk flower with two features. This fragrance combines the femininity of osmanthus and orange blossoms with the golden warmth of amber. Touches of deep vetiver and fresh patchouli can dry things out.


6. For a luxury mom: Versace Veritas
Vanitas perfume from Versace

For a mother who has an attractive life: she never leaves the house without red lipstick and high heels. Who else but your mother is ready at 20:00? Cocktails at 6 and dinner at 8? Give your mother with Versace Vanitas a "mark me on" combination of fragrant freesia and frangipani flowers, warm tonka beans and soft wood.

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7. For the mother gardener: Gucci's Flora
Flora perfume by Gucci

Gucci Flora For garden lovers: nothing will make your mother more happy than taking care of the garden every morning. She took care of every plant and at the same time took care of her children with warmth and tenderness. Enter her garden with Gucci's Flora, a bright bouquet of pink peonies and roses wrapped in vanilla and creamy sandalwood. The bottle is a tribute to Princess Grace of Monaco, Grace Kelly's favorite scarf. He'll know you're treating every squirt like him.

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8. For Mama on the Go: Escada Joyful
Escada Joyful Perfume is Escada


Compulsive, agile, talkative and cheerful, she puts her arm around her heart and has no time for prayer. He just continued. Escada Joyful is just that, joy in a bottle. Peony tenderloin is pure joy and fruit melon, juicy blackberries and nectarine smell like pure joy. Golden honey and creamy sandalwood radiate positivity and confidence.