Debate: Top Reasons Why Farmers are Better Than Teachers.

A popular school debate that supports the motion, "Farmers are Better Than Teachers," and opposes the motion, "Teachers are Better than Farmers."

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Top Reasons Why Farmers are Better Than Teachers
Farmers vs Teachers

A debate that supports the motion, "Farmers are Better Than Teachers," and opposes the motion, "Teachers are Better than Farmers."


Farmers and Teachers play a major role in the welfare of the community. They satisfy the need of humanity in various ways. Additionally, they are also very important to themselves, i.e. the role they play in each other’s life cannot be overemphasized.

For example, teachers are the ones who taught farmers how to cultivate their crops while farmers are the ones responsible for what teachers eat on a daily basis.

Considering the above points, one may conclude that there is no need to compare both professions but you know, in life, there must always be a reason for comparison which usually results in a debate. Hence, the popular debate about teacher vs farmer.

Debate on Teachers vs Farmers

Many people are of the opinion that Teachers are better than Farmers, while others support the motion which says that “Farmers are better than Teachers”, or rather, “Farmers are more important than Teachers” in our society.

Although this article supports the motion “Farmers are better than Teachers” there is another well-written article on this website that opposes this motion. You can read about it here.

Who is a Farmer?

A farmer is a person that is involved in food production and other agricultural services for both human and animal consumption. Different farmers were engaged in different kinds of farming activities. Some farmers are into food crop production; some are into animal rearing; some are into cash crops, and some are into mixed farming (i.e., they combine both food production, crops, and livestock production in their farming activities).

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A good farmer is someone who is passionate about growing crops and caring for animals. They are kind and take pride in the quality of their food and their animals. In addition, they are dedicated to looking after the land they work on and they work hard to maintain the soil and water resources that they have access to.

Who is a Teacher?

A teacher (also known as an “instructor”, “educator”, or “Tutor”) is a person formally employed in an academic institution for the purpose of imparting knowledge to students. A teacher’s responsibility is to instruct and help students acquire basic knowledge, competence, or virtue. Teachers assist their students to gain the required skills to succeed in the real world by passing their knowledge and experience onto the students through the use of the school curriculum and/or real-world examples.

Reasons Why Farmers are More Important Than Teachers

Having known the primary role of a Teacher and a Farmer in our society as discussed above, let us analyze some of the reasons why some people support the motion (in a debate) that Farmers are better than Teachers or Farmers are more important than Teachers in our society. Some of these reasons are outlined below:

  • Farmers are better than teachers because they cultivate crops that are beneficial for both human and animal consumption. They harvest wood for furniture, cotton for garments, maize for animal feed, essential oils for medicines and cosmetic items, meat and fish for human consumption, and other varieties of things they harvest from their farms that we use in our everyday life.
  • Farmers fight hunger: According to the UN, over 10,000 children die from hunger-related causes every day. This simply means that without the effort of farmers, human beings would have gone into extinction due to hunger. All thanks to the relentless efforts of farmers as they keep producing food for the nation, which has kept people alive to date (including teachers.).
  • Economic Stability: Farmers are better than teachers because they contribute a lot to national growth and economic stability. Most countries’ economies in the world depend on what Farmers produce, not what the Teacher teaches students.
  • Farmers play a key role in the country’s economy. They contribute a lot to the gross domestic product (GDP) of every country. Through exports and local sales, earning valuable foreign exchange through the export of agricultural products.
  • Job Creation: Farmers create job opportunities for other members of the community or the country they reside in
  • Support other sectors: Farmers support other sectors by providing food and raw materials to non-agricultural sectors.
  • Farmers help in reducing climate change: Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular among farmers since it eliminates the need for the majority of synthetic inputs and results in healthier soil, water, and food. In this way, they contribute to a more climate-friendly environment. In addition, farming techniques that are organic and sustainable deliver extra benefits to farmers, such as improved soil health and fertility, which in turn lead to other benefits that are beneficial to the environment.
  • Additionally, it’s pertinent to note that anybody can become a farmer at any point in time because there is no time limit and there is little to no formal education required when it comes to farming. This shows how relevant and accessible farming is.

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  • On the other hand, teaching requires one to be formally educated with good communication skills. This shows that teaching can be overlooked by anyone who doesn’t possess the requirements, but farming cannot be overlooked because everyone depends on farm products to survive on a daily basis.

Top 10 Reasons Why Farmers are Considered Better than Teachers

  1. Farmers are constantly learning and growing.
  2. Farmers are constantly adapting and changing their techniques to meet the needs of their crops and the market.
  3. Farmers are constantly evaluating their work and making improvements where necessary.
  4. Farmers have a deep understanding of their environment and their surroundings.
  5. Farmers are constantly developing new and innovative ways to produce food.
  6. Farmers are constantly working under pressure and need to be responsive and able to solve problems quickly.
  7. Farmers are constantly working with others, and are therefore able to build strong relationships and networks.
  8. Farmers are constantly meeting new people and learning new things.
  9. Farmers are constantly having new experiences and learning from them.
  10. Farmers are constantly self-evaluating and are constantly looking for ways to improve their work.

Essay on Farmers are Better than Teachers (Bonus)

There are many reasons why farmers are better than teachers. For one, farmers are constantly on the move, which gives them a competitive advantage in terms of learning.

They also have to constantly keep up with the latest trends and technologies, which teachers don’t have to worry about. Lastly, farmers have to deal with complex problems on a daily basis, which gives them a lot of experience in problem-solving.

Though many people believe the opposite, farmers are actually better at teaching than teachers are.

Farmers know from experience how to get things done, even in the most difficult situations, and they are able to instill that knowledge in humanity. They also understand the importance of ecosystem health, which is something that most teachers often lack.

Besides their vast teaching experience, farmers also have a deep understanding of the world around them. They are constantly learning and growing, which is a valuable skill that many teachers lack. As a result, they are constantly coming up with new ways to solve problems related to agriculture, and the consumers benefit from this creativity.

Overall, farmers are better than teachers because they are able to see the world in a different way than most teachers, which often leads to their creativity and innovative breakthroughs in thinking and understanding the world around them.


Teachers or Farmers, Who Is More Important in Society?

Both Teachers and Farmers play a very important role in our society. They are also very useful to themselves in the sense that, farmers are the ones that produce the food everyone, including teachers, eats every day to support their well-being. On the other hand, likewise, teachers are the ones that teach farmers the basic skills of farming and how to cultivate their farm produce in order to reap bountifully.